Malia Gives Good Chi

Malia Mills is Onto Something . . . Driving down Halsted - Spotted! - a delightful message in the window at Malia Mills.

Have you popped into her store here in Chicago? If not, she stocks fantastic stuff - her signature is a well-made, great-fitting swimsuit. Anyway, we about died when we saw the Give Good Chi tee pictured at right. With it's hot pink lettering and homemade aesthetic, we just had to have one - and Malia delivered, making one just for the Haute Closet!

It's a great message and we wanted to pass it along ... so get into Malia Mills (2050 N. Halsted) and get some of the good stuff!

A Few Words On…

Kate Moss and Not Being a Victim

When Kate Moss stepped out - about a year  ago - in the fabulous outfit to your near right, well, I'll admit, I rejoiced.

It was positively thrilling for everyone laying eyes on her that she'd chosen this perfectly envelope-pushing rock-chic outfit for the reunion of Led Zeppelin.

I didn't blink an eye at the lack of pants.

Now, on to exhibit B, your far right: the tragic Daisy Lowe.

Yes, we all go about in ill-advised outfits sometime in our lives, but, as Blair Waldorf said so elegantly on last night's episode of Gossip Girl, tights are not pants.

Especially not sheer ones.

NYC Fashion Week

NYC Fashion Week First Thoughts on Spring '09

Make sure you're doing your crunches this winter, my friends.

The exposed midriff has made a solid comeback on the Spring catwalk. (I know.) (It was inevitable.)

Even if you're not planning on showing some skin, the fascination with the waist hasn't let up and we're in for girly, pretty, nipped-in (and sometimes flouncy) silhouettes  ... and, always, a little edge.

Above is a Spring look from Proenza Schouler: Click the pic to view the entire collection via New York Magazine.


S/S 09 COLORS: Orange-Yellow, Blushes and Reds, Lavenders, Black, and Light and Metallic Neutrals.

TRANSITION PIECE: Look for a second-skin, very thin, tight leather jacket with a cool, flippy lapel. Wear it now.

STAY TUNED: Full details on S/S 09 coming right up!

Required YouTube Viewing

'The Secret World of Haute Couture'

Featuring our personal favorite and THC patron saint, the impeccably dressed eccentric Daphne Guinness, dig in, friends. It's "The Secret World of Haute Couture" as presented by the BBC ... and up on YouTube.

If you were waiting (of course you were!) for a tutorial about how get into couture, well, you're about to get jealous.

But! Fret not, darlings. There is a lesson here: you can look this good and have this much fun too.

The easiest way to chic for those of us, shall we say, lacking a beer heiress bank account: Get a Haute Closet!

For your viewing pleasure, the first part of the BBC documentary is below.

Erin Wasson’s Chloe Boot

Via: The New York Times, 8.24.08.

Salivate with me for a second.

This is the new shoe, ladies and gentlemen. It's short, not stilletto, substantive, and rock-chic.

Known as the Beatle boot, legend has it the first pair was crafted in October 1961, the vision the Beatles' Lennon, McCartney, and British shoemaker Anello & Davide. The pointy toe, Cuban heel, and rock detail are, let's be honest here, fantastic. Androgynous in a rich-grunge, carefree way. The perfect foil for Fall/Winter '08.

Get in line to grab the Chloé pair pictured above (as owned by the fab Erin Wasson) or (Read: cheaper and pretty good, they sold out at the trunk shows this summer before ever hitting the stores) the Beatle style by Sigerson Morrison. You might also go scouring the vintage stalls in the UK for a truly authentic pair, or, at the other end of the spectrum, wait for the inevitable Steve Madden knock-off.