Erin Wasson’s Chloe Boot

Via: The New York Times, 8.24.08.

Salivate with me for a second.

This is the new shoe, ladies and gentlemen. It's short, not stilletto, substantive, and rock-chic.

Known as the Beatle boot, legend has it the first pair was crafted in October 1961, the vision the Beatles' Lennon, McCartney, and British shoemaker Anello & Davide. The pointy toe, Cuban heel, and rock detail are, let's be honest here, fantastic. Androgynous in a rich-grunge, carefree way. The perfect foil for Fall/Winter '08.

Get in line to grab the Chloé pair pictured above (as owned by the fab Erin Wasson) or (Read: cheaper and pretty good, they sold out at the trunk shows this summer before ever hitting the stores) the Beatle style by Sigerson Morrison. You might also go scouring the vintage stalls in the UK for a truly authentic pair, or, at the other end of the spectrum, wait for the inevitable Steve Madden knock-off.