We are going to turn this, our favorite festival, upside down.

Corresponding for Lucky, we're going to be staking out the best festival looks, talking to your favorite performers and attending all the best parties.

We've featured quite a few of the Lolla artists on our THC in Your Head mixes and we can't wait to get their take on style.

SO: What are you going to wear?

See you there.

Fix Me, Please

Zippers, shoes, pants ... things break. Don't be ashamed. If it's not something cheap (as in super low quality, and if it is, scrap it, you should be ashamed) you ought to get it fixed. Maybe it's not so fun to take it in, but it is fun when you get it back. And it will be as good as new or better if you take it to one of our favorite apparel specialists. If you need something doctored, take it here: For SHOE REPAIR/LEATHER REPAIR Joseph's Shoe Clinic 6173 N Lincoln - (773) 478-3228

Sandburg Shoe Repair & Leather Crafters 115 W. North Ave - (312) 266-8966

For EVERYDAY CLEANING to TOUGH SMELLS/STAINS Gibson Couture Cleaners 3447 N Southport Ave - (773) 248-0937

Davis Imperial Cleaners 3325 West Bryn Mawr - (773) 267-4560

For EXPERT TAILORING Golden Needle (female tailor) 814 N State St - (312) 787-3416

Boguslaw (male tailor) 65 E Oak - (312) 640-1521

For FUR/LEATHER CLEANING Davis Imperial Cleaners 3325 West Bryn Mawr - (773) 267-4560

For REWEAVING Without a Trace 100 E Walton St - (312) 787-9922

A Few Words On…

Kate Moss and Not Being a Victim

When Kate Moss stepped out - about a year  ago - in the fabulous outfit to your near right, well, I'll admit, I rejoiced.

It was positively thrilling for everyone laying eyes on her that she'd chosen this perfectly envelope-pushing rock-chic outfit for the reunion of Led Zeppelin.

I didn't blink an eye at the lack of pants.

Now, on to exhibit B, your far right: the tragic Daisy Lowe.

Yes, we all go about in ill-advised outfits sometime in our lives, but, as Blair Waldorf said so elegantly on last night's episode of Gossip Girl, tights are not pants.

Especially not sheer ones.