Nick Walker / The Vandal via Bristol, England

Had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Nick Walker one perfect Spring evening, c/o Darkroom Demons.

After giving Nick a cookie, he allowed me to observe him at work on the wall outside the Violet Hour.

About to put the finishing touches on the Vandal plane:

Spring-loaded hats exploding out of the Vandal's heart.

Noon: the sun is hot, I leave to grab sunscreen. Upon my return I spy:

Eyes: it's all about the observer, he says. And the signature:

Prepping the spot: recall “The work of art is limited to an acting out, not an understanding. If it were understood, the need to do the work would not exist anymore … Art is a guaranty of sanity but not liberation.” -- Louise Bourgeois

Tagged: Nick cuts labor-intensive stencils to produce his works, offering incredibly fine detail while minimizing his time painting on the street. Street art is (and especially, used to be) a quick art. His is a lovely method. This piece involved lots of spraying without the aid of stencils to create a small universe of swirling colors, perhaps representing the ultimate power of the Vandal's open heart.

And I got to take this fine piece home, rewarded for paying attention to the detail.

This was the weekend soundtrack: Nightmares on Wax.

Musically-inclined, always, I was to be in Austin this mid-March weekend. Flew down on Tuesday with the intention of staying the entire week for SXSW Music. Got there and felt a very strong pull back to Chicago. Two one-way plane tickets later, I stayed 24 hours, interviewed Wild Belle, bonded with a friend, met a very cool new friend, then came home to the above.

Was recently told scientists are beginning (and used to) consider the gut a second brain. Listening.