Lolla Reloaded

Alright darlings, you've waited long enough. Real style at Lollapalooza was hard to come by. We were absolutely lost in a sea of uninspired trends, i.e. Keds Keds Keds!, crop tops, neon and, above all, general slovenliness. But backstage there was a ton of good stuff going on. Check out our favorite girls from the fest - the Australian DJ duo known as NERVO - to the right and loads more of our Lolla style coverage on Lucky Online herehere, here and here. Also, be sure to check out what the musicians were wearing and saying in our refinery29 post. Plus - don't miss this this video from lastnightsparty: an instant hit and exactly the energy you missed if you weren't at the fest. And, of course, Chicago's Darkroom Demons - they've got the pics from all the parties! We will definitley be back again next year (it is, after all, our favorite weekend in Chicago - you're familiar with our Haute Tunes, no?) to capture those who truly make this the fest. Here are some of the best looks from Lollapalooza 2010: