Be ... Listless

So this was flinging around my Twitterverse last week:

Gotta hand it to the creators of Matchbook mag, a new online publication ... they know who they are. And they have made a serious effort making this online-only, ad-space-selling traditionally designed mag come to life.

But now about who you are: If this is your gist, keep with it. But if you have a personality that isn't that of a Stepford Wife, listen up:

There is no magic prescription for a well-dressed life. However, there is The Haute Closet.

Anyway, I do read everything. And take something away from everything I read. So, let's go through this list one-by-one, shall we?

Actually, let's not. In one glance we can surmise that this list is exclusively for the East Coast prep who has a family house in Nantucket and no interest in sequins. It is so ... buttoned up.

Want to have crazy sex? No one will suspect a thing if this is what you're rocking! Perhaps this is a list for the perfect Rules-endorsed disguise kit? OHMIGOD WE HATE THIS LIST. Show us what's new and fresh, not what is languishing in an Eastern seaboard shop! Although we can get into the Matchbook aesthetic (we like their mag and tumblr), just in doses)

But let's step away from the hate and make it fun for all of us.

Here's our must-have 50-piece list for the regular 20something American gal:

Or just chuck it, rock what you've got, and keep on doing what you love. It's all about buying - and wearing with conviction - what you love. And that's the only prescription for sartorial satisfaction.