Have You Met…

Our Fabulous Intern, Dez?

So, you might have seen him in thisvideo, or to the right in the fabulous photo by Adam Kuehl, or when we took him to New York to work with us at the V is for Vintage Event, but we wanted to formally introduce you to our darling intern, Dez'Mon Omega Fair.

He's a finalist in tonight's FORD Walk-Off at Crimson Lounge and we know he's going to take first place (unless it's rigged) because he's just that fierce. Plus, he's already gotten training from the fabulous Miss Jay at his alma mater, SCAD.

Aside from all of that, he's also a rather talented illustrator. When he asked to be our intern, we had seen some of his drawings on hisblog so we said sure, if you draw us a Girl! Here's what he came up with:

Wouldn't you say she could be the patron saint of THC?

X, we love you, D.