Get weird.

My love for Simon Doonan is well documented on THC. His latest article implores one to, basically, get weird with style. Be an eccentric if you want to. And if you think about your favorite outfits, they probably contain some element of je ne sai quois. Basically, a confirmed eccentric feels a certain freedom, or at the very least a compulsion to be free. Oftentimes, though, one is pushed into eccentricity because of circumstances they can't control. Perhaps something like jolie laide. It all boils down to looking different, no matter how you frame it.

So, in his latest article on the subject Doonan asks: Why are some women content to wear sweater sets and pearls, while others keep orangutans in their boudoirs and charge through life wearing avant-garde jump suits with pointy bits on the shoulders?

And goes on to lay out some guidelines for being free to do what one wants. The favorite thing he says is "Forget about high-priced stylists: Mentally unstable people provide an infinitely richer source of directional tips."

Also, do not be scared if you think, like Doonan, "eccentricity will have a catastrophically diminishing effect on your perceived shagability. It's a total hotness destroyer." NOT TRUE, Doonan. Get weird. And be pretty (or hunky or hot or interesting or hipster or whatever mode of being you want to channel.)

Being your truest self is always in style ... and will always be sexy to the right person: YOU.